you will demonstrate your grasp of these concepts in a 500word essay/oral presentation on one of the films we’ve viewed and critically analyzed this quarter. Specifically, you will 1. Identify a key issue examined by a film of your choice. Express the issue as a question; briefly explain its context; word it carefully and precisely. (5 points). 2. Research your issue: (a) Select three credible divergent sources on the issue and clearly explain the position each takes. (b) Use your textbook for additional supporting evidence. (c) Evaluate the quality of evidence each brings to bear on its argument. Document your sources accurately. (d) Identify implicit components of the argument in each article that may affect the reasoning, as appropriate. (10 points) 3. Synthesize the strongest points of these divergent arguments with your own personal perspective to arrive at your “informed opinion” or conclusion. Explain your thinking and lay out the evidence in support of your conclusion clearly: is it reliable? Relevant? Balanced? Sufficient? Your goal is to convince your audience that your conclusion is superior to others and is worth accepting. (10 points) Academic Essay