Retail Marketing Essay Dissertation Help

Select Adidas as your choice. The following area must be discussed:

Make 4 evidence based recommendations as to how your retailer can improve their retail strategy.

1. Merchandise management (To provide better service and deliver better sales process)
2. Multichannel retailing (strengthen the user experience through online shopping)
3. Retail ethics (measures about dealing with ethical consumption)
4. Building the retail academy for employees (To understand effectively consumers)

Please note: Look at theories to come up with your own analysis. Do not use other’s analysis, application of the theories.

This section should contain substantial evidence of wider academic reading. A minimum of 8 peer reviewed academic journal articles should be used.

Peer reviewed articles are those found in the Journal of Retailing, for example. If you use the EBSCO database there is a filter on the left-hand side that enable you to restrict the search to peer reviewed articles. You may wish to use additional articles or newspaper reports, to support your discussion. These are not counted as peer reviewed articles. To gain maximum marks you should provide evidence for the statements that you make. This may include applying further retail theory to your chosen retailer. You also can use google scholar to search academic journal articles.

This section is designed to assess:
• Your ability to analyse the possible problems and opportunities encountered by retail organisations

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