Personal Computers and Networks custom essay


  • A)(Use the Internet to research the most popular personal computers available today. When researching these laptops and desktops, focus on the features offered such as the type and amount of RAM, type of storage devices and amount of storage, type of optical drive, type of cache memory, types and numbers of ports, memory card slots, screen size, resolution, and price.), determine whether you prefer a laptop or desktop. Elaborate on the features that you would want your desktop or laptop to offer, and provide an explanation of why you would want such features.
  • B) Imagine that you are moving into a new house and need to consider the home network that you will use. Outline the main considerations that you need to take into account when evaluating your networking options. Examine the major types of networks and hardware available in terms of range, speed, security, reliability, and price. Determine the network that you would implement and the hardware that you would need.