Organizational Behaviour Essay Dissertation Help

Efficiency and the effectiveness of the workforce. Your task is to summarise, using practical examples the theoretical underpinning of the subject for the benefit of the Board of Directors in order to gain additional funds for the HR department.
1. Compare and contrast different organisational structures and culture (LO1).
? Analyse the relationship between an organisation’s structure and culture and the effects on business performance.
? Analyse the factors which influence individual behaviour at work. (35 marks)
2. Describe different leadership styles and the effectiveness of these leadership approaches (LO2).
? Analyse how organisational theory underpins principles and practices of organising and of management.
? Compare the different approaches to management and theories of organisation used by two organisations.
(35 marks)
4. Describe the nature of groups and group behaviour within organisations
? Investigate the factors that lead to effective teamwork and the influences that threaten success
? Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within a given organisation


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