Obituaries remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln custom essay

Write two obituaries (minimum 250 words each) in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln. To complete assignment, you are going to assume the role of an editor for fictional newspaper on two distinctly different dates.

It is your choice of who your audience is and what emotion the content contains, but each article should provide perspective on the political, economic, and social impact that he had on the nation before, during and after the Civil War.


1. The first will be dated April 16, 1865, and will need to assume the role of an obituary from that date.  Keep in mind what would be known, thought, and felt at the same time.


2.The second will be dated April 16, 2016, and will need to assume the role of a remembrance of his legacy. Consider the legacy 150 years after death.


Both obituaries will be submitted together as one document. The details about Lincoln’s time, location, and cause of death will of course be common to all obituaries and do not need to be cited; any other materials (e.g., quotes, accounts) must be cited and referenced using APA style. Do not reprint an actual obituary from the time as it will lead to steep deductions.