Learning Portfolio in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation Essay Dissertation Help

  • Assessment 2 – Exercise: poster presentation 40%
  • 1.Exercise 40% of the unit mark.
  • Create a Learning Portfolio and present it in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation.
  • The portfolio will comprise of 5 tasks. The presentation of your learning in PowerPoint will represent thinking and learning completed by you throughout the semester. Each task must be presented on only one PPT slide.
  • Your own personal academic literacy will be assessed as well as the content you present on each slide so be sure to make your work, accurate, cohesive and coherent.
  • See the table below for details
Topic PowerPoint Portfolio using the shell provided
1. Audio Presentation: The Self as a Writer.  (10%) Prepare a 4 minute recorded audio presentation in which you reflect on your journey as a writer during the unit. Place a photo of yourself on the slide and upload your audio file.

The file should consist of:

i.            a reading, lasting no more than one minute, of an original piece of creative writing developed from your Writer’s Journal.

ii.            A 3 minute reflective account in which you:

a.       explain what you have learned about the writing process and how your chosen piece epitomizes your learning;

b.      reflect on how your identity as a writer has changed during the unit;


Whilst the presentation should be planned and delivered in formal spoken English it should also be personalised and not be read, apart from the first minute.  You are not expected to cover all content but you are expected to provide a clear and concise synthesis of your developing knowledge of yourself as a writer and the writing process.


Writing Poster (10%)

Design an attractive poster for parents explaining your approach to writing with students.

Use research evidence, background reading, and your own insights into the writing process to construct a clear rationale for your approach.

3. Children’s


Read: Tunnell, M.O. (2008) How to recognise a well written book. In Tunnell, M. O. & Jacobs, J.S. (2008). Children’s literature briefly.(4th Ed) Upper Saddle River:Pearson Merrill Prentice Hall pp 18-28

Read relevant sections of: Gamble, N. & Yates, S. (2013) Exploring Children’s Literature: Reading with Pleasure and Purpose 3rd Ed. London: SAGE.

Choose one picture book from the unit’s children’s literature reading list and discuss the following:

·         Narrative structure

·         The author/illustrator’s use of multimodality

·         The use of language, including figurative language and the musicality of words

·         Characterization

·         Insights or theme.




4. Poster (10%)


Define multi-literacy and give four types of multi-literate practice. (you may use an image to identify each form of multiliterate practice).

For each type, write a paragraph explaining the literacy skills required to undertake the practice.


5 . References Create a reference list for Assessment 3 following APA 6th guidelines. You only need to reference information included on your slides. Use a numeric code (i.e 1,2,3 etc) for references on the slides to correspond with items in the list.

You do not need to list readings that you have used to help you to do the quiz etc.

  • Powerpoint presentation template3

Attached Files:

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Complete the blank powerpoint presentation template by adding your content. There is no word limit but the marker must be able to easily read the text. So, do not use a font size below 12 and consider text density.

  • RUBRIC – Assessment 2

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