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You have QR 250000 to be invested in order to earn good returns on original amount by the end of the period. Your investment will be on Gold and Other Metals. invest according to your investment philosophy ( risk taking capacity). Your investment strategy should be based on risk and return tradeoff. To prove my earnings MUST attached relevant documents and supportive material in the Appendix. show your investment’s end RETURNS with accurate and clear calculations. the investment time period should be from 20 March to 20 May 2017 ( so please use historical data for the previous period) this period should be considered as investment return calculation period. the report should has an abstract, intro, and rational of your report, investment goal, objective and philosophy, why you choose to invest in Gold and other metals, explain step by step your earnings along with relevant evidence, compare return result with set goal, write all relevant sources, the report should be properly bond with professional look
in the report you should discusses the liquidity of your investment, you should document everything and put like printed screens of the prices that shown in the site of trade market such as Bullion Market. you can use Yahoo Finance. If you lose its fine. you should choose gold and 2 other metals to invest in, show the percentage you allocate for each one and why in term of profitability. track your investment during the period , and you have to know how gold and metal behave and relate the fluctuation of the prices to financial crises of political things or market factors. please send me drafts periodically of the investment tracking.



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