Global supply chain complexity and risk management Essay Dissertation Help

You will be given case/report from supply chain risk management. You need to analyse the case/report from a strategic perspective. You should identify the potential risks and their impact – both quantitative and qualitative. You should also analysis the potential causes of the risk and how the risk affects the all supply chain network. You should suggest the strategies with their strengths and weakness. You should also perform a comparative analysis from the cases/reports for the last few years.

You should identify the different key findings of the report and critically analyse their trend and consequence in business. How disruptions and their consequences are trending from 2012 to 2016? which disruption causes are becoming more important and challenging to manage? then you should suggest some general strategies to manage the disruption. The report should consist following sections:
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction
3. Summary of key findings from the reports
4. Trend analysis from 2012-2016
5. consequences in business
6. general mitigation strategies
7. Discussion and Conclusion

Here are some examples of key findings you can consider to analyse the trend:
1. Top causes of disruption
2. Revenue Loss
3. Loss of productivity
4. Customer complaints
5. Brand reputation and image and so on

Examples of consequences in business:
1. Loss
2. Revenue
3. Productivity
4. Customer satisfaction
5. Business goodwill and so on

Here are few examples of general strategies:
1. Multiple suppliers
2. Insurance
3. Inventory buffer
4. Backorder
5. Safety stock
6. Outsourcing and so on

Structure and format of report
1. Executive summary
– Different risk and disruption
– Trend of disruptions and their consequences
2. Introduction
The introduction should include background to the reports and an explanation different disruption causes. Briefly explain why managing risk is important, and how business (both causes and consequences) in trending?
3. Summary of key findings from the reports:
You should analysis reports from 2012 to 2016 and summaries the key findings in last five years.
4. Trend analysis from 2012-2016:
In this section, you should analyse the trend of disruption causes and consequences from 2012 to 2016. How disruption causes and consequences are trending? You should use graph and tables to analyse the trend.
5. Consequence in Business:
You should find the quantitative consequences from the reports summaries the results for last few years. Which few are the most severe consequences? How business is affected?
6. General mitigation strategies:
You should explain about the general strategies to be useful in supply chain. What are the benefits and usefulness of applying such strategies?
7. Discussion and conclusion:
you need to discuss your findings and how the findings can be helpful for the business. You should also discuss if there any limitation of the study.



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