Diet analysis part 2 Essay Dissertation Help

Step 1:
• Implement action plan and document 3 days of implementation (activity and nutrition changes)
o It is okay if you are not successful on a daily basis, please document all 3 days, even if you did not successfully maintain change.
o In addition to food, please document how you feel during the days (happy/sad/stressed/angry/broke) or if you have cravings. These notes will be helpful in your discussion.
Step 2:
• Summarize experience (answer the following questions in paragraph form)- Please pass in hard copy of summarization and application/discussion sections
o Analysis of action implemented diet and activity log
? Did your action plan work to correct diet inadequacies or activity inadequacies? – diet inadequacies
? Evaluate using the tools in mydietanalysis (use these to support the summary below).
o How successful you were in implementing changes?
o What made it difficult to make changes? -diminishing my exercises habits, make the efforts to find time and eat breakfast every day, eat more greens
o How were you able to stay on track? Did you use any tools? I used Myplate
o Are you able to continue to maintain your changes? YES I AM ABLE
o Would it be easier to maintain fewer changes or more changes? What do you think is ideal?–> EASIER TO MAINTAIN FEWER CHANGES IS IDEAL. ONE STEP AT THE TIME

• Discussion
o How can you apply this to the people trying to make changes?
o Why do you think it is difficult for people to make changes?
o What would make it easier to maintain change?
o Do you think it would be helpful to document food/activity intake?
o Thoughts on moving forward with new knowledge.



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