Causes of the Civil War custom essay

Beginning with the earliest European settlements, the North and South developed as very different regions. By the 19th century, the two regions had different economic bases, different social structures, and different perspectives on slavery and states’ rights. Tensions between the two regions eventually erupted in war. In this assignment, you will examine the underlying differences, the reasons behind them, and how they contributed to conflict.

Why did the perspectives of northerners on issues such as states’ rights and slavery differ from southerners?

Your assignment is to write a short essay differentiating the cultural and social systems developed in the North and South during the antebellum period.  Offer your opinion as to how the differences between North and South contributed to the coming of the Civil War.

Your essay should address:

The differences in culture and society in the two regions.

Draw some general conclusions about the effect of these differences on the political and economic issues underlying the conflicts that developed into the Civil War.

All sources (including the textbook and any Internet sources) are to be properly cited in either APA.