Conflict Resolution Skills custom essay

People are beautifully unique and diverse, which is part of what makes the world such an interesting place. What happens when this uniqueness of people clashes?

watch this brief YouTube presentation about Conflict Styles and answer the discussion questions below.

1. How do you identify your conflict resolution style? Are you a shark, owl, fox, teddy bear, or turtle? Share one example of your typical conflict resolution style. This can be from the personal or professional realm of your life.

Conflict Management custom essay

Associated with the scenario. At least two (2) peer-reviewed sources other than the textbook must be used to support your conflict management policy.
John accepted his position as the patient accounts manager seven months ago at Signal Hospital and has been very successful. John recently was approved to hire an assistant. Several outstanding patient account representatives in-house were qualified for the position. However, John decided to recruit outside of the organization and was successful in hiring an outstanding candidate. John hired Candy; she was qualified, independent, and a critical thinker. Candy got along well with the other employees until a recent staff meeting. John observed the patient account representatives were no longer offering productive insights into their department. The patient accounts production also recently decreased by 20%. John witnessed groupthink among the department employees, in addition, observed the staff bullying Candy. John recognized this behavior and knew bullying in the workplace, increased turnover, litigation, staff dissatisfaction, and behavior that could damage the reputation of the organization. Therefore, John requested some assistance from a consultant.
As a consultant, you offer John a one-page conflict management policy that includes, but not limited to:
1. Ways to lessen groupthink in the department.
2. Strategies for preventing and responding to team conflicts.
3. Strategies to lessen bullying behavior in the workplace
4. Offer ways that conflict can be beneficial.
Include a title and reference page and cite references where appropriate. APA formatting is required.

Consequences of Immoral Behavior custom essay

You are a member of a police review board investigating a case for internal affairs. Select a case involving police misconduct or judicial misconduct/malfeasance to research.

 research at least one of the following portions of this case:

  • Details of the case and evaluation of ethical dilemmas involved, including all key details
  • Details and evaluation of the code of conduct related to the case, including the ethical responsibility of the officer (including possible differences on how an officer acts off or on duty)
  • Details and evaluation of societal opinions of the case, including potential implications for the community or political figures

Behavioral Influences on Health custom essay

In what way are personal, interpersonal and environmental factors related to major causes of mortality?

WISQARS Leading Causes of Death Reports, 1999-2004

Robinson, T (2008) Applying the Socio-ecological Model to improving Fruit and Vegetable intake Among Low-Income African Americans. Journal of Community Health and CDC, Racial and Ethinic Approaches to Community Health Across the US

Yong Zhao: Catching Up or Leading the Way custom essay

Zhao, Y. (2009). Catching up or leading the way: American education in the age of globalization. Alexandria, VA: ASCD
1- How do we measure the quality of an educational system? How is it measured now, and how should it be measured?

2- When we examine the US and Chinese educational systems, why is it important to consider the history and culture of those countries? What historical and cultural influences exist in our current educational systems?

3- A number of educational reforms are discussed in the first half of Zhao’s book. Are these reform efforts well-placed or misguided? Where should we be placing our efforts for educational reform?

4- Choose 1 quote from the reading and discuss why that is a meaningul statement for you.

Transition to Parenthood custom essay

Identify and critically evaluate the key social risk factors and theory related to – Transition to young parenthood You are required to compile a essay on a set question which identifies with appropriate theory, transitions and social risk factors as identified in the learning outcomes

Critically discuss Hall’s (1904) seminal work on adolescence and the critiques that have subsequently emerged which contest his viewpoint.  Draw on a range of sources to investigate the basis of ‘moral panics’ in respect of young people and the implications of these on how discourses around young people are shaped and constructed  Review and critically appraise the literature on youth transitions and apply this to given scenarios  Draw on different theoretical perspectives to explain how young peoples’ transitions to adulthood are explained and understood.

Gender norms in a cultural object custom essay

Conduct a critical analysis of the gender norms in a cultural object of your choosing.

1) Describe the object you chose to analyze in detail and your rationale for why you think this object will tell us something about gender norms.
2) Describe patterns you observe in the cultural object (similarities, differences between men/women, boys/girls).
3) In what ways are norms reinforced?
Do your observations support or challenge the readings we’ve explored in the class? What did you learn?

Sociological teen custom essay

1.) Tips/steps on how teen parents can interact and coparent with one another to take care of their child ( ex. child support, how to discipline the child, the roles each parent can take). Explain a teen fathers and their role in the child’s life.

2.) Medical Care – Include a breakdown of obtaining medical care for the newborn-infant, toddlers ages 1-3, grades schoolers ages 3-6, and for the parent. Include knowing the difference of what is considered an emergency room visit and a regular doctor’s visit.