Suicide By Cop custom essay

Suicidal people have many things in common. Discuss in detail (in your own words) these commonalities and how a negotiator, dealing with a suicidal individual can identify the risk, estimate the suicide potential, and attempt to manage a suicidal individual. Discuss in detail “suicide by cop” and how a hostage negotiator may be able to spot indicators of such an individual.

Athletic Leadership/Personnel custom essay

Coach Michelle is an attractive single woman serving as the head women’s basketball coach. Coach Mike has recently been hired as the men’s basketball coach, and was just married prior to obtaining this coaching position.

During the first few months of school, Michelle and Mike have had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time together while working out practice schedules, facility use, and other training plans.

Soon they are seen meeting before and after school in local restaurants and snack bars. They have been seen arriving and leaving school together, perhaps for reasons of scouting and/or other planning sessions.

Talk about their relationship begins to occur between staff, students, and citizens of the town. As athletic director, you receive a call from a board/booster member who asks why a married man and single woman are engaging in this relationship.

What are your response, plan of action, and solutions?

Social Work History and Reform custom essay

Discuss how the historical foundations of social welfare continue to influence social reform debates within American society today. Consider residual or institutional conceptions of social welfare, relevant social theories, and the functions of social welfare in response to one of the topics below:
Poverty: Why do we have more poverty in America than many other industrialized societies?