Accommodating Religious Practices in the Global Workplace custom essay

Research a recent (2011 or later) case where an individual claimed religious discrimination as a basis for his or her being fired. It is preferable if you choose a case that occurred in the USA.

State the facts of the case.

Identify any relevant laws utilized by the court/authority in considering or determining the outcome of the case.

Define applicable legal/social doctrine or customs, provisions of the law or custom, and elements of a specific course of action.

Then, address the following:

Are there exceptions to the doctrines or customs named above that give employers an advantage in hiring and firing employees? Explain your answer.

What is the responsibility of employees with regard to their religious behavior in the workplace?

How might an employer avoid a religious discrimination lawsuit or issue?

Provide three points on proactive religious policy in the workplace in the country you have chosen to study for your case.

Nelsy Discussion Custom essay

For a moment assume that Descartes’ argument works in proving God’s existence, does the ultimate conclusion follow as stated in premise 6? Can Descartes be certain that God would not allow an evil demon or computer to systematically deceive humanity? Maybe God has a reason, or needs to teach humanity a lesson.