Mathematics custom essay

For each assignment, do the starred exercise and one other exercise of your choice. The answer to the required exercise should be in WP, but calculations in other exercises can be by hand.

Assignment I

1. In the Rhind papyrus, the concept of π is described by:
Take a field of diameter 9; take 1/9 th of the diameter. Square the remainder to find the area.
What value does this give for π ?

2. Use the assumed Babylonian square root algorithm of the notes to show that the square root of 3 is approximately 1;45 by beginning with the value 2. Find a three-sexagesimal-place approximation to the reciprocal of 1;45 and use it to calculate a three-sexagesimal-place approximation to the square root of 3.

3. *Explain in several paragraphs the fundamental differences in the mathematics of the Egyptians and the Babylonians and the possible reasons for the differences.

Using Math to Make a Decision custom essay

Select a project that is meaningful to you.  The project should be a situation for which math is used to help you make a decision or reach a conclusion.  Identify the steps you have followed to complete your project.  Especially, set up the processes that you use in the form of a formula or equation.  Include an introduction that explains in detail what you intend to do.


Section 1:  Explain the problem, including assumptions you made at the beginning.  The problem should include an analysis of data.  Add a table if appropriate.  Identify the steps you will follow and indicate where the math is along the way.


Section 2:  Identify the methods you use to solve the problem.  Explain the processes (formulas) you use to find the solution.  Set up a general formula / equation that would be applicable to similar situations.


Section 3:  Analyze your findings.  An assessment of the solution should include a discussion of the appropriateness of the solution.


Section 4:  Include a concluding statement to discuss how the process permitted you to make a decision and what that decision was.


Some possible topics might be:

Ø  Designing a home repair project

Ø  Planning a trip

Ø  Buying a house, a co-op, a car

Ø  Planning an important event such as a family reunion or special dinner

Ø  Making and tracking an investment in the stock market