MS PowerPoint Presentation Report on Organization custom essay

Design and share a MS PowerPoint presentation that describes an organization (The Hershey Company), its current and future challenges, its capabilities, and the requisite competencies needed for its success. You will look for and report on examples of the existing total rewards programs to include monetary, non-monetary, and the work environment (including values and culture). The MS PowerPoint presentation will include a report on existing metrics** (organizational or HR) if any are present. If citations or Web site materials are used, in-text citations and sources presented on a References page using American Psychological Association (APA) format are expected. It is expected that at least three references will be used with at least one of the three being of a scholarly nature.

At the least, this MS PowerPoint Presentation will include:

  1.   Academic Title Slide
  2.   Introduction and Purpose for the Paper
  3.   Description of the Organization
  4.   Capabilities of the Organization and Requisite Competencies of the Employees
  5.   Current and Future Challenges
  6.   Academic Definition of Total Rewards Programs
  7.   Description of Existing Total Rewards Program (Monetary, Non-Monetary and Work Environment)
  8.   Existing Metrics that Evaluate the Success of the Total Rewards Program
  9.   Conclusions
  10. References Page (With a minimum of three References; one scholarly)

Telecommuting and the Mobile Worker custom essay

The number of American telecommuters is expected to increase by 29 million telecommuters or 43% of the workforce by 2016 as more work gets performed from remote locations. Mobile workers can work from wherever they are and use the IT / IS technology necessary to access co-workers, company or corporate infrastructure, intranets, and other information sources.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

  1. Describe the impact of telecommuting on energy conservation, IT operational costs, “green computing”, and shifts in telecommuters’ lifestyles (e.g., parents, disability, etc.).
  2. Describe how the business infrastructure should be designed so that employees will be able to continue to perform business functions in the event of a disaster (i.e., storm, hurricane, or earthquake) that destroys or makes it impossible to access the buildings.
  3. Determine four (4) advantages and four (4) disadvantages of telecommuting from an IT manager’s point of view. Elaborate on each advantage and disadvantage.
  4. Examine the effect of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the IT infrastructure with regard to security, IT support, knowledge, and data management, green computing, and telecommuting.
  5. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

company website analysis custom essay

evaluate your own organisational /company website and the related e-commerce operations

1-the purpose of the website should be outlined
2-the website should then be analysed using Web quality (Barnes and vidgen,2011)and revenant accessibility measures
3-the e-commerce operation should be critically evaluated using the value creation model of am it and zott (2011) especially pp503-511

Visual studio custom essay

You are required to create a student centric forum/message board in visual studio

This forum will have the following functionality
Students can view the posts without having to login

Students can register and then login

Once logged in students can post messages to the forum

All messages are displayed in chronological order with the most recent message appearing last
The messages page should be structured in such a way that the students can scroll through all posts.

The contact form should use a function called validateForm to first check all the fields are entered correctly

If any of the fields are missing the user should be advised by means of red text displayed directly underneath the problem field.

The website should be styled appropriately using a combination of tag id and class selectors. Limit the use of id’s to main structural elements where possible instead relying on classes and descendant selectors thus reducing duplicate css rules making your css smaller thereby reducing the overall site size

IT Management and Governance Issues custom essay

  • Do you think that amalgamation of IT technologies can create a serious threat for management? Why or why not? Do you think that governance framework provides complete solution for needs of information technology? Why or why not?
  • Is change control necessary for use of modified technologies? How and in what possible ways? Among the three (3) primary areas of responsibility of IT department (technical support, system development, and operations), which of them plays an essential role in IT process, according to your point of view and why?