Personal Computers and Networks custom essay


  • A)(Use the Internet to research the most popular personal computers available today. When researching these laptops and desktops, focus on the features offered such as the type and amount of RAM, type of storage devices and amount of storage, type of optical drive, type of cache memory, types and numbers of ports, memory card slots, screen size, resolution, and price.), determine whether you prefer a laptop or desktop. Elaborate on the features that you would want your desktop or laptop to offer, and provide an explanation of why you would want such features.
  • B) Imagine that you are moving into a new house and need to consider the home network that you will use. Outline the main considerations that you need to take into account when evaluating your networking options. Examine the major types of networks and hardware available in terms of range, speed, security, reliability, and price. Determine the network that you would implement and the hardware that you would need.

The Impact of Mobile and Cloud Technology On Business custom essay

In the early days of information systems, the IT department controlled all of the components of the system from data retrieval to processing to reporting. Today, the IT department is being directed to do the same tasks, but uses devices that are mobile and may be owned by the user.

Research a current article on mobile or cloud technology and the issues affecting organizations within a specific industry such as retail or education. Your assignment can specifically focus on a department such as customer service or sales.

Write a 350- to 700-word paper identifying and describing the following:

  • What changes in technology have created a demand for mobile or cloud computing within the industry you have chosen?
  • What concerns do businesses have concerning data and network management?
  • What restrictions are organizations placing on end users and why?

Optimizing Database Design custom essay

•Many legacy systems require normalization. Identify at least two factors that should be considered in order to produce an optimal normalized set of tables when performing normalization. Include in your discussion a detailed example on how each factor would eliminate data redundancy.

•Optimal database design recognizes proper organization of table structures and relationships. Suggest at least two methods that can be used to improve the design of a database system.

Information Management and Software Development custom essay

  • According to your point of view, which of the defined criteria of measurement is considered as most important for evaluation and monitoring of information systems? How does computer-aided software engineering (CASE) aid in analyzing and evaluating characteristics of a project?
  • Discuss how IT is impacting the business processes and applications of e-Business? How does the system development life cycle (SDLC) assist in accomplishing essential tasks and objectives of an organization?

Information Technology in Public Health custom essay

Public health surveillance and prevention efforts in the U.S. reflect the involvement of numerous health care providers and organizations. Government agencies such as the CDC often function as a hub for the collection, coordination, and communication of public health-related data. Common applications of public health IT to promote and improve the health of populations include (but are not limited to) biosurveillance, disease registries, and immunization tracking. The timely and appropriate implementation of these applications can have a significant impact on the ability of providers to deliver health care to the their patients, which, in turn, can have a profound effect on a community’s overall state of health and wellness. Consider the dire impact a SARS outbreak might have, for example, if patient diagnoses were not reported and shared regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Prepare for this Application as follows:

  • Conduct a literature review of a specific application of health information technology in public health and locate an example in which the application was used to address a public health-related concern. (You might wish to begin by researching a particular surveillance program, disease outbreak, disease registry, prevention program, or other public health-related event, and then identify the technology involved in this activity.)
  • Find out how this application has impacted the public’s health. Learn also about any ways in which health care providers and organizations were involved in the use of this information technology.

Then write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Describe the specific application you selected and the ways in which it addresses a public health-related concern. Summarize the potential benefits to the public, as well as any possible drawbacks, arising from the use of this application.
  • Explain the role of hospitals and other health care organizations in contributing to or making use of this public health-related IT application.
  • Discuss other implications of this application for health care providers and organizations. How has it impacted (or might it impact) clinical or administrative practices in hospitals or other health care institutions? Provide a rationale for your response.

Technology’s impact custom essay

  1. Technology pushes society when:


  1. Technology’s impact:


  1. Technology’s impact is:


  1. The goal of management of technology and innovation in an organization should always be to:


  1. There are several definitions of technology in the text; all the definitions have some common elements.  Each definition implies:


  1. Technology can be broadly defined as:


  1. Evaluation and control of technology is the:


  1. The management of technology is defined as the linking of different disciplines to:


  1. Innovation can be defined as:


  1. All of the following are elements of strategic management EXCEPT:


  1. __________ are the monitoring of technology to ensure that it meets the desired outcomes.


  1. Firms that manage innovation well have which of the following characteristics?


  1. Technology is defined to include ____ employed in producing a good or service.


  1. Benefits of innovation include all of the following except:


  1. Drawbacks of innovation include all of the following except:


  1. The first question that should take place as the firm conducts it innovation strategy planning is ____?


  1. Systems integration:


  1. Process innovation focuses on ____.


  1. Reengineering’s goals include all of the following except:


  1. To create an environment for innovation a manager must understand all of the following except?


  1. How should you describe the innovation process?


  1. Seek a balance of behaviors


  1. Which is not one of the four critical elements to implementing innovation as a strategy in the organization?


  1. For successful innovation implementation leaders need to ensure;


  1. Innovative organizations typically are founded and lead by;


  1. Informal power comes from:


  1. A leader should ask all of the following questions in the implementation process except:

Is there an open, questioning attitude among employees?


  1. The three methods that can help to establish the view by employees that they are part of the organization or system are all of the following except:


  1. Mentoring can be ____ to be successful:


  1. Benchmarking involves the:


  1. Extension occurs when _____ and _____ competencies are understood sufficiently so that ideas lead to action.


  1. One of the primary reasons firms have difficulty being innovative is:


  1. The strategic reasons a firm would look to use a merger or acquisition include all of the following except:


  1. The key element of planning externally focused technology acquisition efforts is to:


  1. A _______ is defined as a partnership of two more corporations to achieve strategically significant objectives that are mutually beneficial.


  1. Mergers and acquisitions can allow a firm to accomplish a variety of strategic goals.  Which one is not associated with the purchasing firm?


  1. The outright purchase of a firm or some part of that firm is known as:


  1. The keys in planning for a merger or acquisition includes all of the following except:


  1. Key expectations should take priority in the integration effort except in which area.


  1. The three elements that need to be considered in integration are:


  1. The reasons that training and development are so important in the execution of an alliance or merger/acquisition include:


  1. The losses an employee can feel during integration typically can include all of the following except:


  1. The basis for competitive advantage of a technology focused firm ___.


  1. All of the following are strategic capabilities that a firm needs for success except __.


  1. When a company is developing its capabilities, it should do all of the following except:


  1. The key sustainable competitive advantages for a firm using an internal innovation strategy include


  1. The result of a competitive advantage should focus on  ___.


  1. For technology oriented firms, it is important for managers to understand that value must be


  1. The ___ view of the firm argues that industry structure is the principal determinant of profitability.


  1. All of the following would be intangible resources except ___.


  1. The most common sources of competitive advantage would be ____.


  1. Each of the following is a step in the value creation process except ___.


  1. The foundation which must be present before an organization can effectively conduct implementation is ___


  1. Learning in the organization is the ___.


  1. Explicit knowledge is ____.


  1. Organizational learning is the ____.


  1. The type and the amount of learning that must take place for the firm to compete successfully depends upon


  1. The firm’s ability to learn


  1. The greater organizational learning will occur when ___.



  1. Organizations that are structured for learning are characterized by all of the following except ____.

The Evolution of Transaction Processing System custom essay

All companies have Transaction Processing Systems(TPS). TPS serve many functions including order entry, inventory control, payroll and others. Most TPS work with large amount of data on a daily basis. The data provides the basis for future strategic decision making.

Before completing this activity, read Chapter 5 from Fundamental of Information Systems textbook. Review the lecture notes for Module 5 as well as Chapter 9 of Beebe and Mottet, Business and Professional Communication. This assignment will examine the evolution of Transaction Processing system.