multiple choices custom essay

Multiple Choice: Read the question carefully. Some questions have only one correct answer. Some questions require more than one answer to be selected. Each question is worth 1 point.
Short Answer: Answers longer than 250 words will not be accepted for grading. Each answer will be graded out of a maximum of 5 points.
A. Multiple Choice
1. In which one of these dispute resolution processes do the parties have the greatest control of the outcome:
2. The NMAS Standards require a mediator to (check all that apply):
Respect the confidentiality of the participants
Conduct the mediation in an impartial manner
Adhere to ethical standards of practice
Refrain from taking an advisory role in regard to the content of the matter being mediated
None of the above
All of the above
3. A negotiation style where the parties’ needs and interests are explored and a range of options are developed to address those needs and interests is described in Prof. Sourdin’s text as:
collaborative or cooperative
competitive or positional
4. The earliest written references to arbitration appeared in:
England in the 1600s
Australia in 1904 with the Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904 (Cth)
Greece in the 4th century BCE
The Hague in the 1800s
5. NADRAC considered which of the following 3 objectives of ADR to be common for most parties, practitioners, service providers, government and the community:
Resolve or limit disputes in an effective and efficient way
Reduce government expenditure on courts
Provide fairness in procedure
Take justice out of the hands of lawyers
Achieve outcomes that are broadly consistent with public and party interests
B. Short Answer
1. What are some of the key skills are required of a lawyer to conduct an effective client interview?
2. What are some of the practical or legal limits on the confidentiality of the mediation process?


Blog entry custom essay

Provide a Blog entry consisting of a posted article from a major newspaper or periodical such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, Foreign Policy, or the Economist. The posting should an include an essay explaining how the article relates to a American Foreign Policy history.

Detailed account of what occurred when the Jews and Germans first arrived in America custom essay

In the book Ethnic America by Thomas Sowell the author discusses the different
experiences and backgrounds of various ethnicities settling in America. He paints a clear picture
of both the uniqueness and similarities of the ethnicities through politics, social norms, economic
conditions, education, and cultural history.Choose 2 ethnic groups mentioned and described in Ethnic America.

The Jews and The Germans

Explain/answer the following for each.
 What were the circumstances that led the ethnic group to come to America
 Give background and history of the ethnic group’s culture. Paint a picture of the country
of origin and be clear as to why that group made the decision to come to America
 Give detailed account of what occurred when the ethnic group first arrived in America,
ex. How was this ethnic group treated?
 What was different about this group?
 Discuss politics, education, occupational differences, leadership, social conditions etc.,
for each ethnicity
 What were some of the biggest challenges facing this ethnic group? Why?
 How did this ethnic group contribute to American society?
 Compare and contrast the ethnic groups you chose. Explain how they are similar and how
they are different.
 Finally give your opinion and overview, reflect on the descriptions of the ethnic groups
given to you by Thomas Sowell. Put yourself in that time, how would you have built a
better life for yourself in America? What would you have done differently?

History custom essay

1. What claim does the author make in the introduction about how the idea of failure and Reconstruction was different fifty years after the event? [ 2pts]

2. What evidence does the author provide to support this idea of Reconstruction as a failure during that time period? Provide three examples (answer should be a paragraph) [6 pts]

3. According to the article, how did this view of Reconstruction impact African Americans? [2 pts]

4. How was Dubois’ interpretation of Reconstruction different? [2 pts]

5. Why does the author use some “what if” questions towards the end of the article to explain the true failure of Reconstruction? (this answer should be a paragraph) [6 pts

Historical development of the traditional system of overhead allocation custom essay

Traditional overhead apportionment and absorption systems were developed decades ago when most companies manufactured a narrow range of products and direct materials and labour were the dominant factory costs. Overhead costs were relatively small and the distortions arising from inappropriate overhead allocations were not significant.

Today companies produce a wide range of products; direct labour represents only a small fraction of total costs, and overheads are of considerable importance. Therefore, traditional absorption costing which includes many arbitrary apportionments does not provide an accurate indication of the resources consumed by each product or service.

Activity Based Costing (ABC) systems developed during the 1980’s to address the inherent limitations in traditional costing systems.

See Drury- Management and Cost Accounting 9th Ed. 2015 (Chapters 3 and 11)

Write a paper addressing the following…

Outline the historical development of the traditional system of overhead allocation and the changing manufacturing and production environment which gave rise to the emergence of activity based costing in the 1980’s.

Critical Thinking custom essay

There have been more than 140 people exonerated from death rows across the United States. What impact would the use of DNA analysis have upon capital cases in the future? Would people across the United States change their opinion about capital punishment because of this?