PACE’s development of increased police powers Custom essay

“Since 1984, it has become clear that PACE’s development of increased police powers has not been balanced with effective police accountability”.
Focusing on police powers of investigation and detention, critically consider this statement; be sure to support your answer with reference to relevant authorities.

– Above is the question
– Police Accountability In Regards To Pace
– Referencing style: including footnotes!!!!!!
– Use more Journal Articles than any other sources

Here are some sources to help you out:
Other Sources:

Waddington, Stenson and Don, ‘In Proportion: race, and police stop and search’ (2004) 44(6) British Journal of Criminology 889-914

Zander, The Police and Criminal Evidence Act, 5th Ed, Sweet and Maxwell (2005)

Liberty’s response to guidance on the use of stop and search carried out
under Section 44 Terrorism Act 2000

Quinton, Bland and Miller, study for the Home Office on stop and search –

Buxton,R., “Terrorism and the European Convention” (2010) Crim LR 533
Cape, E., “The Revised PACE Codes of Practice: A Further Step Towards Inquisitorialism” (2003) Criminal Law Review 355

Choongh, S., “Police Investigative Powers”, in McConville and Wilson, The Handbook of The Criminal Justice Process.

Co-crystal drug formulation. Custom essay

definition of co-crystal and co-amorphous, also information about x-ray diffraction method and how it is been used for co-crystal compounds, and in addition overview about transformation of co-amorphous drug systems into either phase separated crystals or co-crystal under different set of condition.

How does Terrorism affect Global Travel and Tourism Custom essay

Theme: The Effects Of Terrorism On Global Travel And Tourism

Take the theme you have identified and narrow it down to a more specific topic( See below)

Larger Theme: How does Terrorism affect Global Travel and Tourism

You will finish this topic exploration by constructing your discussion thread.
Here are the instructions for your discussion thread:

1. Write a 275-300 word post
2. Write your theme and topic in the subject line
3. Identify the larger theme
4. Write a unique topic (no one in the course can have the same topic)
5. Identify your topic and write about how it evolved from your original theme
6. Write about how your topic will address diversity and ethics
7. Explain how you will use critical thinking
8. Explain how you will improve/master oral and written communication

Business Writing in accounting Custom essay


1. Reply to Dr Simmon’s email (remember that you have only met him once). Your aim should be to gather detailed information about his business, his needs and his scope of works in order for you compile a proposal report. (200 words)

2. Once you have obtained all of the information about the client (fictitious – student to make up this information in accounting field and based on the initial client email from Dr. Simmons), plan and write a recommendation proposal in report format. (1000 words)
a. Complete the provided Student Report Planning Document (electronic format). This document needs to be completed and emailed to your teacher to demonstrate your report planning.
b. Your final report should provide Dr. Simmons with detailed information about what services/products your firm will provide to match his needs. Students are required to use the provided Report Style Guide to structure their reports.

3. Design a second email to this client to give him your proposal report. Attach your report to this email. (100 words)


4. Write an email to your teacher explaining what you have done to look for employment in Australia. (300 words)

Computer forensic Custom essay

During this module, you explored the topics of digital forensics and investigations. You have undoubtedly heard about, and now read about, some types of computer misuse.

  • One Page in length
  • Describe what you feel are the three best uses of Digital Forensics. Give reasons for your choices.
  • Provide support for those choices using sources from the internet, your textbook, or the SEU Library to support your viewpoint.

In preparing your response, include at least one source from professional or academic literature—such as articles from peer-reviewed journals and relevant textbooks. For this course, Wikipedia is not considered an academic or professional reference. Also, be sure to proofread and spellcheck your responses. All sources should be formatted using APA guidelines

Roles of carbohydrates in the diet Custom essay

question 1.  What role do carbohydrates play in the diet?


question 2 Carbohydrates are broken down into monosaccharides and disaccharides and polysaccharides. Describe each group and describe lactose intolerance? Why are we being encouraged to decrease our intake of high-fructose corn syrup?

question 3. How many grams of CHO are recommended for the brain to function on a daily basis?


question 4. What are the benefits of regular physical activity?


question 5. What is the difference between physical activity, exercise and physical fitness and why is it important to engage in physical activity?



question 6 What is the difference between physical activity, exercise and physical fitness and why is it important to engage in physical activity?

Programming Applications Language Custom essay

You are the lead programmer for a new software project and have been assigned to choose the programming language for a new point-of-sale system. Microsoft provides various Programming languages in Visual Studio 2010. Explain one (1) of the major features for C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic, or Visual F#. Select the programming language that you would use for this business application. Provide two (2) pros and cons to justify your answer to the project team leader.

principles involved in establishing a site layout for a spill Custom essay

Explain the basic principles involved in establishing a site layout for a spill or release response. In your response, include the requirements for air and personnel monitoring.


Hazards can be separated into three basic types: physical, chemical, and natural. Consider the hazards that are present at your local gas station, and put them into one of the three categories, listing at least one hazard for each category. Analyze one of the hazards for possible outcomes using the framework of the General Behavior Model in Figure 1 of the textbook (page 60


Compare and contrast the four levels of protection used during spill response and cleanup activities. In your discussion, provide an example of a spill or cleanup scenario for each level


As a container of hazardous materials is being unloaded from a delivery truck, the container is dropped and the package begins to leak. Is this a transportation accident? Why, or why not? Explain the actions required to be taken by the driver in such a scenario

Subjective cognitive limitations and its impact on psychological wellbeing Custom essay

a transition from middle to late adulthood
The Proposal must identify:

1. The stage and transition of the lifespan being investigated (for example the transition from childhood to adolescence = Adolescence), with a specific working title indicating the broad research question

2. The theoretical approach being adopted, relating to existing literature in the target area

3. Existing research in this field – both historic and contemporary

4. Gaps in current knowledge and how this proposal will contribute to knowledge

5. The research method to be employed and rationale for its use

6. The specific participant requirement and how they will be recruited

7. Ethical concerns specific to the actual proposal (not general ethics; these can be positive aspects of conducting this research)

8. Challenges and considerations of the proposed methodology (rigour)

9. How your personal assumptions and experience may influence the research process (reflexivity)