A Memo custom essay

  1. Write a memo notifying the human resources department that there is a mistake in an insurance claim you filed. Explain exactly what the error is, and give precise figures.Please use the write format as I provide.  you have 6 hours to complete it.

    The memo consists of two parts

    1) The header

    sample header:

    To:   John Smith, Business Director                         cc:Bill Green, Comm.

    Phil Zell, Asst. Business Director                         Amy Keller, Comm.

    Sidney Ross, Comm.

    FROM: Cliff Keevan, Communications, Mgr.

    Date:April 12,2015

    Subject:Change in 2015 Communications Budget

    2) the message: should be divided to three parts.


    The introduction of your memo should do the following:

    • Tell readers clearly about the problem, procedure, question, or policy that prompted you to write.
    • Explain briefly any background information the reader needs to know.
    • Be specific about what you are going to accomplish in your memo.Do not hesitate to come right out and say, “This memo explains new email security procedures” or “This memo summarizes the action taken in Evansville to reduce air pollution.” See how clearly this is done in Figure




      In the discussion section (the body) of your memo, help readers in these ways:

    • State why a problem or procedure is important, who will be affected by it, and what caused it and why.
    • Indicate why and what changes are necessary.
    • Give precise dates, times, locations, and costs.See how Janet Hempstead’s memo in Figure 4.2 carefully describes an existing prob- lem and explains the proper procedure for cleaning the brake machines, and how Mike Gonzalez in Figure 4.3 offers carefully researched evidence on how Ramco can increase its favorable publicity in the community.


      In your conclusion, state specifically how you want the reader to respond to your memo. To get readers to act appropriately, you can do one or more of the following:

    • Ask readers to call you if they have any questions, as in Figure 4.2.
    • Request a reply—in writing, over the telephone, via email, or in person—bya specific date, as in Figure 4.3.
    • Provide a list of recommendations that the readers are to accept, revise, orreject,

Critique Stories/News Reports Pertaining to Leadership custom essay


select 3 stories from an online edition of your local newspaper or any credible national news outlet pertaining to a leadership story/report. Write an analysis paper in which you:

  1. Summarize each story.
  2. Read the blogs and comments after the story.
  3. Describe the tone and analyze the nature of the readers’ comments using any concepts learned from your text book, please cite properly from both the newspaper and text book.
  4. Summarize what you learned about the nature of leadership and the reaction of readers when anonymity is assured
  5. What you discovered about the culture of the community in which the story took place as a result of the story and
  6. The nature of the readers’ reactions to the story.

Support your paper with minimum of three (3) resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Report to Board of Directors custom essay

You are required to pick an organisation you are familiar with. Complete the innovation audit using the template provided ( 40 questions, rating them 1 to 7). Based on the outcomes and your personal observations write a 750 word report detailing how the organisation could improve innovation management & systems. The case studies( attaches ) : 3M, Corning & Zara, contain many examples of ideas.

Big Five Personality Traits custom essay

Review the Big Five Personality Traits presented below then write an essay.
Describe yourself in terms of the Big Five personality traits using social traits, personal conception traits, and emotional adjustment traits.

Also, describe how your personality profile seems to influence your personal behavior.
Big Five Personality Traits:

Personality traits are enduring characteristics describing an individual’s behavior. The Big Five personality dimensions have been distilled from extensive lists of specific personality traits.

The Big Five traits are the following:

Extraversion – being outgoing, sociable, assertive.
Agreeableness – being good-natured, trusting, cooperative.
Conscientiousness – being responsible, dependable, persistent.
Emotional stability – being unworried, secure, relaxed.
Openness to experience – being imaginative, curious, broad-minded.
Social traits are surface-level traits that reflect the way a person appears to others when interacting in various social settings.Problem-solving style, based on the work of Carl Jung, is one important social trait.Problem-solving style reflects the way a person goes about gathering and evaluating information in solving problems and making decisions.Information gathering involves getting and organizing data for use. Styles of information-gathering vary from sensation to intuitive.

Email to CEO custom essay

You work for a local health care organization. Your CEO feels she should have more of an impact on the legislative process and would like to know how she can have a more active role in shaping policy. She sent you an email asking you to explain the relationship between agenda setting and legislation, and to provide her with some practical ways your organization can influence policy development.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word email response to your CEO.

Memo to the Mayor custom essay

Read the Key to Terms Used in Tables at the Plain Language website at www.plainlanguage.gov.
Access the Key to Terms Used in Tables by following these directions:
•Copy the home page link https://www.plainlanguage.gov/ and paste into your web browser.
•Click on the Government link located under the link Using Plain Language in….
•Click on the link Plain language regulations, evaluated by top Federal regulatory experts.

Locate an example of anyregulation from the Overall Organization table:
•Select a regulation from the left column of the Overall Organization table. The table is located directly above the Key to Terms Used in Tables at the Plain Language website.
•Read about your regulation of choice at the GPO Access website at https://ecfr.gpoaccess.gov/.
•Read the evaluation of your regulation of choice contained in the Overall Organization table at the Plain Language website.

Select a regulation from any local government entity other than the ones listed in the Table of Plain Language Regulations for this assignment.

Write a 700 word memorandum to the mayor. Select a position on the need for your chosen regulation to be revised or to remain in its current format. Include the following in your memorandum:
•A brief description of the chosen regulation
•The primary purpose and focus of the regulation
•Words or phrases that identify the target audience of the regulation
•Language that demonstrates diversity and cultural awareness of the stakeholders
•Possible barriers in communicating with stakeholders
•Recommendation as to how you could overcome any identifiable communication barriers
•Recommendations for any other areas in need of improvement

Cite at least two sources other than the textbook.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.