Cryptography in E- Businesses custom essay

Create a fake business that does e-business and write about its main offerings and services. Write about the  categories of information/ or sercives that will require cryptography applications.

The paper will need to cover  the either catagories below:

  1. Protection Through Cryptography
  2. The Applications of Keys
  3. Attacks on Encrypted Data and Keys
  4. Biometrics
  5. Using a Trusted Third Party
  6. How Public-Key Cryptography Works
  7. Comparing the Algorithms (RSA, DH, and ECDH )
  8. Use of Digital Signatures

Business strategy custom essay

In an academic essay evaluate ways in which organisations may successfully implement strategic change. Discuss this via reference to organisations with which you are familiar. This may be an organisation you work for, have worked for or any organisation in the public domain.

production of the main components of financial statements of a business custom essay

You and two of your best friends have decided to start a career in the trading business by incorporating a private limited company in the United Kingdom. You contributed £20,000 for 20,000 ordinary shares of £1 each (i.e. 40% of the total share capital of the Company) while your other two best friends contributed equally towards the balance of the share capital of the Company. Three of you are executive directors of the Company and the Company further employed one employee to manage the business operations.

The Company is incorporated on 1 October 2015 and commenced operations on the same day. The Company involves in three (3) products and adopts perpetual inventory system whereby the sales and purchases include both cash and credit transactions. The board of directors have decided to use Sage accounting software to keep the accounting records of the Company.
I’m going to upload files to explain more about the requirements of the assignment, and i’m going to upload the excel document that should be written the answers on it

Business custom essay

Coca-Cola was discussed in the reading with how these products segment the market. Certain Coke products focuses marketing towards the youth market and other such as Diet Coke is marketed concerning older adults.

choice a company that markets their products in similar ways as coke, but different, market segments. Recognize the products and the market segment.
Discuss how the product is marketed. Discuss whether product should be marketed to any other segments? What recommendations should be given to the chosen company?

business management and operations custom essay

Define business operations.


List the three primary functions of a business’s operations.


List the six key functions that all businesses need to address just as part of doing business


Define managing versus leading


Describe one of the major differences between leaders and managers


What are the four key factors that a newly promoted leader needs to focus on?


Identify the 4 main functions of management.


Define the role of Human Resource Management or HRM as it’s often referred to.


Explain how HRM professionals are now viewed and what their main goal is.


What is the marketing mix?

Leadership styles in business custom essay

  1. Which of the following describes the leadership style in which a leader tends to centralize authority, dictate work methods, make unilateral decisions, and limit employee participation?
  1. The ________ style of leadership describes a leader who tends to value employee participation, including in such areas as decision making and deciding on work methods and goals.
  1. Which of the following describes the leadership style in which the leader generally gives the group complete freedom to make decisions and complete the work in whatever way it sees fit?
  1. The ________ model proposed that the results of the least-preferred coworker questionnaire could determine whether someone was relationship or task oriented, and these results would determine effectiveness of group performance.
  1. Which leadership model proposed that the final component in the model is the four stages of follower readiness, and different levels of follower readiness call for a different leader–follower relationship?

6  According to Hersey and Blanchard, a low task–high relationship situation calls for the ________ leadership style.

  1. When Alan Jackman got promoted as the head of the sales team at Mac Software Inc., he chose three of his closest friends in the team to form the core sales group with him. Which of the following predictions would be consistent with the leader-member exchange theory?
  1. Which of the following is an accurate statement about managers transferring into the role of effective team leaders?
  1. Rachel Keller’s colleagues and subordinates have a high regard for her. They know that Rachel can help them meet their goals, and she is always willing to reward them when they do. What her subordinates like best about Rachel is that they know she appreciates their work by the team lunches she often holds. Which of the following best describes Rachel’s leadership style?
  1. Which of the following is the type of power a person has because of his or her level of authority in the business?
  1. Sam Meyers manages a telemarketing call center. He has 20 employees working for him who are displeased with the way he yells and threatens to terminate them for what they see as small issues. Which kind of power is Sam using to get the job done?
  1. Marsha Lewis is the manager at a fast-food establishment, managing a staff of 25 employees. Many of her staff members are extremely impressed with how she handles her work, and they emulate Marsha’s behaviors and actions in working with others. The team believes Marsha is fair and understanding, and she always promotes from within when employees have been performing well. Which two sources of power does Marsha use in this example?
  1. What performance measure considers the efficiency and effectiveness of employees?
  1. What aggregate measure allows managers to assess how happy an employee is with the many different factors at his or her job?
  1. When an employee volunteers to run a canned food drive, this is an example of
  1. In the Big Five Model of personality, an employee who is good-natured and highly cooperative, would be referred to as scoring high in the trait of ________.
  1. In the Big Five Model of personality, conscientiousness refers to ________.
  1. Susan is often described as being fascinated by many things, including outdoor activities, inventive art exhibits, and books by up-and-coming authors. According to the Big Five Model of personality, Susan would be described as ________.
  1. ________ theory gauges whether a person’s behavior shows distinctiveness, consensus, and consistency.
  1. Garth manages a team of 5 salespeople. One of the salespeople, Robert, has been late to work for the past few days. If Garth attributes Robert’s tardiness to a lack of caring about his job versus Robert having to drop his wife at work, Garth is using the________.
  1. At work today, Tanya received the good news that the team she was part of secured a winning bid for her company to serve as the architect partner for a new shopping mall. Tanya also received the bad news that the transmission on her car must be replaced. Tanya credits the good news to her ability to complete work on time and the bad news to the poor craftsmanship of her car. Tanya is exhibiting a(n)

Business specialization activities custom essay

The process of dividing work activities into separate job tasks is known as ________.

  1. The process of grouping jobs together is known as ________.
  1. The line of authority that extends from upper organizational levels to lower levels, clarifying who reports to whom, is known as the ________.
  1. Which of the following is a characteristic of a mechanistic organization?
  1. Which of the following structures is highly adaptive, loose, and flexible?
  1. Companies would become more ________ if they allowed professionals to set the priorities and allocate the resources for their departments.
  1. In a ________ structure, no clear chain of command exists.
  1. Which organizational design increases the complexity of assigning people to projects?
  1. In which of the following organizational designs are employees most likely to experience communication difficulties?
  1. A company brings team members together to collaborate on resolving mutual problems that affect each of their areas. This is an example of the use of ________.
  1. A temporary committee formed to address a specific short-term problem that affects several departments is known as a ________.
  1. Which of the following will help in making communities of practice successful?
  1. The ________ stage in the group development process is complete when members begin to think of themselves as part of a group.
  1. During the ________ stage of the group development process, a relatively clear hierarchy of leadership and agreement on the group’s direction emerge.
  1. The ________ stage of the group development process is one in which close relationships develop and the group becomes cohesive.
  1. In which of the following conflict-management techniques are conflicts resolved by seeking an advantageous solution for all the parties involved?
  1. Conflicts can be resolved by withdrawing from them or suppressing them. This conflict-management technique is known as ________.
  1. Which of the following lists are the five conflict-management options available to managers?
  1. Behavior patterns expected of someone occupying a given position in a social unit is called a ________.
  1. Which of the following is a negative aspect of group norms?

21 . Which of the following is an accurate statement regarding status systems?

value of business Strategy custom essay

What are the values and assumptions of business strategy?
Philip Roscoe argues that economic thinking has become very influential within
modern society, and this is certainly true in the area of management and corporate
strategy. What underlying assumptions stemming from economic theory can you
identify in the Collis and Montgomery article on the Resource-Based-View?
Describe why they are underlying and whether they are reality or value
assumptions? Finally, discuss whether you agree with the assumptions you
identified. Why or why not?

Roscoe, P. (2014). I Spend Therefore I Am: How Economics Has Changed the Way We Think and Feel. Random House Canada. (Chapter 2: From Truck and Barter to the Meaning of Life)

Collis, D. J., & Montgomery, C. A. (2008). Competing on Resources. Harvard Business Review, 86(7/8), 140–150.

Recommended: Layard, P. R. G. (2005). Happiness: Lessons from a new science. New York: Penguin Press. (Chapter 9: Does economics have a clue?)

Multimedia activity: Business Organization custom essay


Visit the Choose Your Business Structure section of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s website.

If you were to start your own business, which business entity structure would you choose? Justify why your chosen structure is the best organizational form.

Explain the following business structures: sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, and a corporation. In your analysis address the following for each business structure:

  • Steps to form
  • Personal liability for owners
  • Taxation
  • Advantages and disadvantages