Cell Cycle charts custom essay

Complete the Cell Cycle charts below. Describe the events in each phase for Cell Cycle A. Compare the steps in mitosis and meiosis for Cell Cycle B.


Cell Cycle A


Phase Describe the events in each phase
G1   (1st growth stage)
S (Synthesis)
G(2nd growth stage)
Prophase of mitosis
Metaphase of mitosis
Anaphase of mitosis
Telophase and ckytokinesis



Cell Cycle B


Mitosis Meiosis
1: 1:
2: 2:
3: 3:
4: 4:
5: 5:




Answer each question.


  1. Compare mitosis to meiosis I and meiosis II.

Where are there specific similarities and differences within the phases? What are some things that could go wrong? What are the consequences?


  1. Describe the relationship between the terms DNA, gene, chromosome, allele, polypeptide, and protein.  Why do you think scientists at one time thought the genetic material might have been protein?


  1. What is Mendelian inheritance?

Obesity Custom essay

Obesity Epidemic1.What is the scope of the obesity epidemic in the US? When did it begin? Currently, what % of American adults are overweight or obese?
2.How do obesity rates vary in ethnic communities? in different states?
3.What is the connection between being overweight or obese and disease?
4.What are the health consequences of childhood obesity?
5.Obesity is not only one of the top public health issues facing our country, it’s also a threat to our nation’s bottom line. How does it threaten our economy and national security?
6.How does the government’s funding of the corn industry contribute to the obesity epidemic?
7.The American diet, particularly fast food, is high in a combination of salt, sugar & fat. What effect is this having on our population?
8.How does advertising effect the obesity epidemic in adults and children?
9.What foods are associated with weight gain?
10.What foods are associated with weight loss?
11.What are some of the main reasons Americans eat as poorly as we do? What are some possible solutions to this?
12.What activities are associated with weight gain?
13.What activities are associated with weight loss?
14.Name 3 specific individual and 3 specific population based interventions that may impact the obesity epidemic.
15.What did you think of the Weight of the Nation series? Would you recommend it to others?

Videos to be watched to answers the questions, if use others sources please cite them.