Black and Scholes Model custom essay

– Analyze any of the model’s extensions

You are required to write a 2,000 word essay on any of the extensions to the Black and Scholes model. You are required to choose a model (it can be one of the models studied in the BE351 module or any other model – see for instance Hull’s book), present its main characteristics and a brief mathematical derivation, its advantages/disadvantages including any empirical tests carried out with this model, and a brief conclusion. Hull’s book is a good starting point but the essay should not be limited to one book – you need to show evidence of use of a variety of sources (a research of the available literature is required for that).

Hull, J. C., 2012, Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives, 8th edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0273759078, this is our professor’s book choice.

Models for Competitive Dynamics custom essay

Competition has, since the 90s, led to wider gaps between industry leaders and laggards. There are more “winner-take-all” environments and greater churns among industry sector rivals. We have witnessed sharp increases in quality and quantity of IT (Information Technology) investments. We’ve seen striking competitive dynamics, particularly in sectors that spend the most on IT. Some of the competitive dynamics models include the Destroy Your Business (DYB) strategy, the Grow Your Business (GYB) strategy, the Information Systems (IS) and strategic advantage, and the social business strategy.

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

  1. Compare and contrast the DYB and GYB strategies in terms of the ability to sustain a business in the marketplace over the long term, to be competitive against rivals, and profitability.
  2. Examine the “cannibalization” strategy and determine if it is or is not a better strategy compared to the DYB strategy for growth, competitiveness, and market leadership. Provide two (2) business examples.
  3. Determine whether or not changes in business strategy should entail reassessment of IS. Provide three (3) reasons to support your position.
  4. Examine how firms can use social IT in alignment with organizational strategy and IS strategy. Consider collaborative capabilities, what, how, and who should use social IT for a social business strategy.
  5. Use at three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Workforce Shortage custom essay

 read the health care workforce shortage and its implications on America’s hospitals, at the American Hospitals Association’s (AHA) website.

Select a hospital, which is not more than two hours away from your place of residence. Based on your readings and understanding, create a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document, that includes:

A plan for a rural, medium-sized hospital to deal with short- and long-term workforce shortages.

Your plan should include the following elements:

  • An introduction.
  • A description of the health care workforce shortage and its implications.
  • The aspects that need immediate attention and aspects that need long term attention. Provide a rationale on why these aspects need attention.
  • A description of the financial implications for these issues.
  • An explanation of the risks associated with these problems.
  • Your recommendations to solve these problems.
  • An explanation of the methods to measure the success of the plan.
  • A description of the next steps, if the plan failed.
  • A conclusion and a reference list.

How information is used in organization’s decision making custom essay

In this assignment, you will write a short essay about how information is used in your organization’s decision making.

(1) You need to use a real life example in this assignment.

(2) Be specific with what type of information was used. For example, instead of saying “we used information collected from last year…,” you need to specify that you used information such as employee performance data, and/or client survey data, or birth data from the County Health Department etc.

(3)  Describe your role in this decision making process.

Strategic Human Resource Management custom essay

Assignment Question
Using examples, discuss how and why a company may utilise a core-periphery strategy. What implications does this approach have for skill development at the individual, company, and national levels?

Approaching the question
You are reminded that whilst some questions may very evidently refer to a particular unit they are all designed to span issues across the entire module. A full answer to the question will require reflection on the issues that you have encountered throughout the module. It is important to bear in mind that the content of your answer will depend on the argument that you wish to put forward in answer to the question and not solely on the concepts that the question explicitly identifies.

Motivation and Conflict Resolution custom essay

In any organization, regardless of the industry, some level of conflict and/or office bickering is inevitable and may have a damaging impact on productivity and motivation or morale. However, it is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that conflict is avoided whenever possible and, when it does occur, it is handled in an appropriate and respectful manner. With this in mind, listen to the podcast, Stop the Medical Office Bickering and respond to your selected option.

Option A: Case Study: A Matter of Motivation: The Delayed Promotion

Review the details of the case above from your course text, and respond to the following questions:

Thoroughly analyze the likely state of your ability to motivate yourself in your new position. In the process, comment to whatever extent you feel necessary on your level of confidence in the relative stability of your position and how this might affect your performance.
Describe the most likely motivational state of your HIM staff at the time you assumed the director’s position, and explain in detail why this state probably exists.
Based on the podcast, what are some proactive strategies that management could have used to reduce the potential for conflict in this situation?

Norms and reliability custom essay

For this project, you will be critiquing an original empirical research article that reports the results of testing reliability of a research instrument.
In addition to explaining the study design and results, use the information in the article to explain each type of reliability that was evaluated in the study. Be sure to answer the following questions in your critique:

Do you have confidence in the research design (e.g., the number of participants, the inclusion criteria, the methods)? Why or why not?
Do you have confidence in the researchers’ analyses of the reliability of the instrument? Why or why not?
Would you have confidence in the instrument based on the reliability of the instrument as demonstrated in the study? Why or why not?
Would you have any reservations using the instrument in future research? Why or why not?
What additional types of reliability, if any, would you want to determine in future research that were not tested in this study?
Discuss the purpose of demonstrating reliability in the population and culture sampled in the study. Can these results generalize to other populations (ages, gender, abilities) or cultures?

Diagnosis Paper custom essay

For this assignment, you will reflect on an organizational problem that you experienced. I use the term “organizational” quite broadly; you can write about an experience at a summer job, on a sports team, a school work group, or any other situation in which you worked with other people for the purposes of completing a collective task. Once you have selected an organizational problem from your past, you should describe and diagnose the problem using concepts from the course, outline the factors that contributed to the situation, and discuss how the concepts could have helped you and/or others deal with the situation more effectively. The paper should be between 5 and 8 pages, double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1” margins around.