Article Assignment Fall

Article Assignment Fall


Keeping up-to-date with current business events is an important ongoing activity for business people and students alike.




  1. Here is an article.
  2. Get curious. Ask a question about something in the article. Research and report the answer. This research needs to come from another article/another source.
  3. All articles must be summarized in a paper. The paper must include the research question and answer. What is your opinion? Please support it in the concluding paragraph. See the rubric on the next page.
  4. All materials must be typed and double spaced.


Grading:Rubric for this assignment:


Requirement Maximum points
Complete Citation: Author, Article title, Publication, Date published and Page Numbers 10
Well-organized, well-thought-out paragraphs summarizing the article, including the research question and answer, and concluding with your supported opinion 55
References to the book with corresponding chapter information 5
Your personal thoughts (1 paragraph) 20
A copy of the article or name of the “From Scratch” podcast 10
Total assignment worth 100 points 100




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