Sport leadership and Organization custom essay

Identify a leader ship story related to athlete , a manager , or a coach or any other relevant person in the society or in the filed of sport . You can collect it from published materials . The evaluation Will be in the following criteria : 1- Description (Accuracy of the description) this part has the presence of an appropriate description with detailed infor of the leadership stories in term of key managerial variables presented .

2- Personal evaluation : the author has to interpret the story presented in the description , demonstrating full control of the contents , linking the story with managerial variables . Even if this part counts on personal or critical exercise by the author , a correct comprehension of some of the fundamental organizational management has to emerge .

Choose Mohammed Bin Rashid AlMaktoum – UAE prime minister and Ruler of Dubai – His book the vision and the latest article in new York times selecting him as the strongest man would help . I will update you with more info later too of his accomplishment ,